Like the Giant Himalayan Lily

(Massive white-and-purple trumpet-shaped flowers appear from the 10-foot-tall plant after about seven years. When not in bloom, the lily, which grows in the Himalayas, is a mass of glossy green leaves. The parent plant dies after flowering but leaves behind several smaller bulbs.)

I identify with this late-blooming plant.

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About the Author

A Little Info

Following my lifelong dream to write and publish - fiction, mostly - has been a long time coming. Not being superwoman, I kept putting off real devotion to this craft as I raised kids, worked as an addiction case manager, and helped my husband in the churches he pastored.

I now live in southeastern Kansas with my husband of 45 years and a mob of interested, furry onlookers. I recently retired from case management and am enjoying this new season to write. I published many poems as a teenager, and a short story, Raindance, appeared in Grit Magazine in 1998. I was awarded an honorable mention from the Ellsworth Area Arts Council in 2013 for a memoir piece, At The End of the Street.

My short story, The Archer's Ball, will appear online at as of 7/11/22.

Now is the time for me to write. As I offer these short stories and novels to the world - my only hope is to bring some light and entertainment to those walking down the road with me here on Planet Earth.  Hope you enjoy!

Image by Aaron Burden

"Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." NLT

Hebrews 11:1


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